QuerySim Generator makes it easy to generate a QuerySim to fit your needs!

The Query simulation (QuerySim) was created by Hal Helms ( for ColdFusion and further developed for PHP by David Huyck (

The purpose of the QuerySim is to remove the design and population of a database from the critical path of application development. This is very useful since it allows a developer to write and test code that relies on a query before any of the database work is done. When the database is complete, simply change the connect string to point to the real database and replace the QuerySim text with a SQL select statement that returns the appropriate columns.

The QuerySim is especially useful when following the FLiP methodology for Fusebox ( application development, but you can benefit from QuerySims even if you are not using FLiP or Fusebox!

The syntax of the ColdFusion QuerySim custom tag is:

The time consuming task of creating a QuerySim is populating the data values with sample data. QuerySim Generator eliminates this task by walking you through a simple process to create a QuerySim. It automatically populates the data rows within the QuerySim to save you time in generating sample data. After the sample data rows are generated, you simply copy and paste the code created by QuerySim Generator into your application. Click here to begin!


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